Aims and Scope

Biological Environment and Pollution (BioEnviPo) dedicated to the publication of novel research concerned with biology studies related to environmental pollution.

We invite authors to submit articles in the fields It publishes original scientific work related to a diverse range of fields in the environment, pollution, and toxicology.

The journal invites research articles and reviews concerning environmental pollution, in the following subjects:

  • Damage to the ecosystem
  • Pollution soil, water, air and impact to the environment
  • analyze of Environmental impact
  • environmental science for soil, water, air, and climate assessments
  • Toxic compounds impact life on Earth, from individuals to species to communities
  • Climate change impacts the environment
  • Sewage treatment
  • environmental impacts of human activities,
  • impacts of hazardous and land use management
  • sustainability of natural resources

Manuscripts that are not in accordance with the subjects will not be considered to be published. We also discourage manuscripts written by a single author.