The online game addiction, psychology and interpersonal relationship of the engineering students


Harits Ar Rosyid Della Murbarani Prawidya Amalia Amalia Erna Fajariani Hanif Adhilaga Peizhi Shi


The trend of playing the online game had affected many kinds of people including students. People play online games to relieve their tension or as a mood repair, given that such games provide entertainment.  This research aims to determine the online game addiction of the students, their psychological state, and also their interpersonal relationships. We collected data via a questionnaire-based survey to 72 students who played an online game. From a demographic perspective, most participants were male students from the electrical engineering department. As a result, the indications of players’ addiction are the daily playing session of at least four hours and the fact that they were experienced (loyal) players. Briefly, playing online games contributed to the student's psychological state, emotional level, time management, and also problem-solving ability. Fortunately, these players rarely had conflicts with either their parents, friend or others.