Cyber terrorism in Indonesia


  • Katya Lindi Chandrika
  • Risky Perdana Adiperkasa
  • Yana Ningtyas



Cybercrime, Cyber terrorism, Terrorism


Cyber terrorism is one of cybercrime. Cyber terrorism is an activity using computer technology and information to create an atmosphere of terror and fear on a large scale through good threats to the government and citizens with brings politics, religion or ideology objectives which can lead paralysis of important infrastructure. There are several reasons why the internet is considered as the right choice to do Cyber terrorism. Many methods are used to do Cyber terrorism. In Indonesia, peoples understanding about Cyber terrorism is very low. This creates ignorance in tackling Cyber terrorism crime in the future when people become victims of Cyber terrorism. The low knowledge about Cyber terrorism requires the government to make education about Cyber terrorism. The education provided will help people find solutions in the against Cyber terrorism. In avoiding Cyber terrorism crime the government is expected to cooperate with other developed countries that have a high level of security.




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Lindi Chandrika, K., Perdana Adiperkasa, R., & Ningtyas, Y. (2018). Cyber terrorism in Indonesia. Bulletin of Social Informatics Theory and Application, 2(2), 65-72.