Structure learning of bayesian network using swarm intelligent algorithm: a review


  • Shahab Wahhab Kareem Erbil Polytechnic University
  • Shavan Askar Erbil Polytechnic University
  • Kosrat Dlshad Ahmed Erbil Polytechnic University



Bayesian Network (BN), Conditional Independence Test, Structure Learning, Global Search, Local Search, Pigeon Inspired Optimization


Machines using Bayesian networks can be used to construct the framework of information in artificial intelligence that connects the variables in a probabilistic way. “Deleting, reversing, moving, and inserting” is an approach to finding the best answer to the proposition of problem in the algorithm. In the Enhanced Surface Water Searching Technique, mostly, the hunt for water is done by elephants during dry seasons, It is Pigeon Optimization, Simulated Annealing, Greedy search, and the BDeu metrics being reviewed in combination to evaluate all these strategies being used in order to solve this problem. They subjected different data sets to the uncertainty matrix in an investigation to find out which of these approaches performed best. According to evaluation data, the algorithm shows stronger results and delivers better points. Additionally, this article also represents the structure learning processes for Bayesian Network as well.




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Kareem, S. W., Askar, S. ., & Ahmed, K. D. (2022). Structure learning of bayesian network using swarm intelligent algorithm: a review. Bulletin of Social Informatics Theory and Application, 5(2), 133–141.