Supply Chain Management to Optimize Production Based On Goods


Murti Retnowo
Anita Fira Waluyo


Competitive competition and the advent of the global marketplace becomes its own challenges, these challenges are associated with getting products and services are timely and low cost. Resolution to face both these things one of which with the application of Supply Chain Management (SCM). SCM is very effective for use in addressing the supply chain and securing competitive advantage and improves organizational performance not only within the Organization but the Organization among the supply chain. SCM will be used to provide the information the State of the stocks of raw materials and will be enabled as a reminder (reminder) and the order of the raw materials to the supplier by using Massage Passing or SMS Gateway. Model SCM is expected to control the inventory of goods, either overstock or stocks that are already able to save stock with time quickly and efficiently.


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Retnowo, M., & Waluyo, A. F. (2019). Supply Chain Management to Optimize Production Based On Goods. International Journal of Applied Business and Information Systems, 3(2), 53–58.